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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Roses and May Day

I love this kind of old fashioned rose. It opens up by expanding. The outer petals don't fold back, they just make room and all those many layers to show themselves, they don't spread out, they just show how many. I love that. I finished Chicken Every Sunday and now, until I can get my hands on Never Let Me Go by Ishiguro for book club, I am starting The Shipping News.

Tomorrow is the first of May. I don't have any Cecil Brunner roses to share as May Day bouquets, like I used to at Grandma's house, but maybe someday I will have a Cecil Brunner bush of my own. The best part about that bush is that you can cut dozens of stems everyday and make these adorable fragrant pink bouquets for every bud vase you can find. They are so sweet and miniature! See them! I like to snip them off the bush just as they are buds, and then they open up beautifully.

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