Here and There

Thursday, May 25, 2006

In little bits

I was thinking about how I see God in my neighborhood, how I see what he is doing here. It is a vague picture, kind of like the flash that kind of swirls of who I imagine God to be when I say his name in my mind on that edge of prayer.
I picture tissue paper flowers. All over. Brightly colored, some sticking out of trees, some lying in the middle of the street. Little crinkly standing up straight as though reaching to the sun. Many layers of petals, and they are in hidden spots sometimes. Sometimes in places I've stepped as I've walked on the sidewalk. Sometimes on the door of a place I asked God to bless. Sometimes they are just blowing by on the wind, a little bit of magenta and orange, some party colors God tossed out to Channing Way in the form of Peace, Grace, Hope.

I think of these tissue paper flowers forming a garland one day, all the impacts all the hellos, all the choices strung together- obvious, visible, forming a lovely web. The blessings, the faithfulness, the truth of His love.

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