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Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's not the same without you around.

Last weekend we went to see Mates of State, and Viva Voce, and the Botticellis. It was such a good show. The Botticellis did great, Burton was happy and people clapped along. Viva Voce is fascinating...this girl plays the guitar in a very thoughtful way, and she seems to take her time and oozes the self-confidence that prevents most girls from playing the guitar with such presence. Solos that were intricate, and feedback that was calculated. Very cool.

And then Mates of State, who I haven't seen in a few years, and haven't heard their new stuff. Didn't know they had a kid, didn't know they were touring with The New Pornographers in the UK...Peter, did you know that!?

Watching them play was so good! It reminded me of being a teenager, and loving going to shows and seeing bands. There were so many kids there who had the new album memorized. Singing along and clapping and dancing. They knew the instant to pause and the instant to rock their little heads back into the beat. We bought the latest album, Bring it Back, this week and it isn't super super great-they are best, really, THE best, live. But there is one song, "Punchlines" that is wonderful. When they played it live, it was great, but on the album it's great too. As it started out, the first 3 dozen times I repeated it, I thought it would be the anthem for the summer. Super-fun and happy. Then, I listened more thoughtfully and even though it is still wonderful, it feels sad and kind of desperate. Still great, still can't stop listening to it. I love Mates of State. But sometimes I think, when a band is a husband and wife team, you can't help but feel weird listening in on their music. I think that's why I like it best live, because they're up there inviting you to participate. On CD sometimes it feels like spying or something.

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