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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Space to Scatter

I am picturing something that you don't see everyday. I've seen it in Cinderella, and other movies I'm sure, but I've never really seen someone do it. I've only done it myself once or twice.

What I'm thinking of is someone scattering something- not sprinkling, we've all done that, but scattering: having a large quantity of small bits (like feed for chickens, or seeds) and tossing them far and wide with a generous sprinkler-like sweep of the arm.

Maybe we don't have enough space to throw things around like that; the inches of dirt we plant are not spacious enough to need a throw of seeds over them. What small amounts of land we have to offer to growing things must be calculated and doled out. Animals we have are fed pinches, or half cups. Or as in Kate's case, a few shakes from a canister.

So we don't carry seed wheat in leather bags over our shoulder. Or know what it's like to throw handfuls of corn everyday.

My plan is to go to one of the new "calming circles" and scatter some seeds. Maybe I will mix them with dirt so I have more to throw.

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