Here and There

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Poetry of Yore

I found a black binder full of poetry I wrote in college. It's kind of interesting-a lot of the poems sound alike. I was exploring zeugmas (or syllepsis, specifically). "Ancient sheets of unmade paper"

I also seemed to be obsessed with alliteration: "Cactus Crosses" "Swallow sweet"

A couple are still good.

Rings Around Rings

I saw it.
He didn't notice.
My eyes followed the radar:
rings around rings around rings.

They stretched to the edge of the pool,
still circling, even as they disappeared.

I watched them and I waited.
He was surprised when
his glasses covered over suddenly
with a dozen blurry lenses.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sea Glass

Sea glass collected at Irish Beach, and a little teeny tiny sand dollar on the right.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Irish Beach

Just got back from Irish Beach, about 20 miles away from Mendocino. We stayed in a house with some pals and enjoyed tidepools and finding sea glass. The weather started out pretty windy and foggy, which was bracing and made me feel like I was somewhere in Scotland on the moors. Then each day it got sunnier and sunnier. We went to the beach everyday, saw the most amazing tidepools ever. I had never seen so many different kinds of seaweed. All different rusty reds, irridescent dark greens, bright greens pinks and browns. When the pools were getting deeper and deeper all that seaweed that flopped around on the rocks just stood up and spread out and gently waved. It was a beautiful place and each pool was like a complicated garden. We found quite a few pieces of sea glass, brown, white and just a couple green and blue. It was a nice rhythym of sleep, eating and exploring. With a lot of reading and chatting thrown in. Started A Thousand Acres. Almost done.
It isn't hard to come back to regular life, but I certainly do enjoy relaxation in a beautiful spot such as that.
Thinking about Psalm 62 (man as a tottering wall)