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Monday, August 14, 2006

A Single Pea

This morning at Berkeley Bowl, the lines were crazy and people were kind of pushing around, you know how it can be. A woman in line behind me said "These carts should have horns or something." I thought that was ridiculous. If everyone were kind and patient, it wouldn't feel so oppressive there. But she wanted to further the pushiness, and make it dangerous!

Then I noticed, in between the registers ahead of me, a single pea. Just sitting on the ground. Probably, some kid was allowed to eat peas out of the pod before paying for them...and this pea found itself on the ground. I kept waiting for the elephants around me to stomp on it. But it just sat there. Carts and feet all came near it, over it, all around it; but it just sat. I know that pea is smooshed now, even if people at Berkeley Bowl were terribly careful all the time, it would still get smooshed. But I liked looking at that pea.

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Bora said...

I had a similar experience at the community swimming pool in Pleasanton. But while you saw a single pea on the ground, Anna spotted a piece of poop on the bottom of the crowded pool. Like the lone pea, it escaped being squashed.(I yelled for the lifeguard, who put on gloves and did his duty) Despite the similarities, your story is sweet and mine is...gross. It's the difference, I suppose, between pea and poop.