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Friday, August 04, 2006

This morning I went to the Flower Mart earlier than I had ever been before. We got there at 4am. Technically, it opens at 2am on MWF, but I couldn't imagine going at 2am. I think one has to ease into that. But, after what I saw this morning, I will definitely be coming this early every time. It was outrageous how many more flowers, better flowers, stranger flowers there were! Garden roses, dahlias in every shape and color. Summer flowers at their best, everywhere. Crazy looking protea in bright yellow, pink and green. Kind of like little pinatas or something. I wish that I could wander, but alas, I had to get what I needed and go. Next time, I will wander. My hands smell like newspaper and twine. Because one of the dominant smells when working with flowers is newspaper. It is somehow more fragrant than the blooms.

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Bora said...

what was the occasion for the early flower mart visit? and did you take this photo? it's great!