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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Let's take this party OUTSIDE.

We saw Marie Antoinette last night. I have been wanting to see it ever since I saw a trailer for it ages ago. In the trailer, 80's music was playing, and Marie Antoinette was riding home from a party in a coach at dawn, putting her hand out the window to feel the air. I was kind of fascinated by that image. The whole idea.

So, even though I knew that every 12-16 year old was as well, I've been truly excited to see this movie. So we did. On opening night.

And I have to say- I sure liked it. It was crazy-decadent, fanciful, amusing. It was really breathtaking to watch all the colors and clothes and food. The whole idea of these teenage queens and duchesses and comtesses, with the money and power to indulge any whim is shocking and sad and satisfying all at the same time.

One of my favorite scenes was after Marie's birthday party. She and her friends are tramping about in the gardens at Versailles. They are laughing and tumbling down and they plop down at the edge of the beautiful reflecting pool and they watch the sun rise. When they are walking through the grass in that grey light, I knew that smell of the wet grass and the muffled sounds of birds waking and all their laughter and loud voices before morning. I felt a little tinge of sad later, thinking about parties like that or staying up that late...

One important detail about that scene. And one of my favorite things about a party that is hard to achieve in Berkeley. Maybe when we have some lawn and a heat lamp for the not-so-balmy nights. Party outside. More specifically, party moves outside. Night smells and the way that things reach up and out at a party, laughter, gazes, smoke. It is lovely to be outside and be in good company, quietly settling together, it makes departure more natural. Everyone is thinking their own thoughts, looking up at the sky, contemplating the evening. Then it can be over. An indoor party doesn't have that flow. Everybody talks, talks, talks, then maybe it gets silent for a second and then people leave. Lights on, lights off. Outside, people sit, lie on the grass, it's dark- but softly.

It's nice. I was glad for that scene in Marie Antoinette because I remembered that feeling and I realized that since having sleepovers in a tent at Brooke's house in 6th grade, I've loved the wee hours spent outdoors with friends.

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Bora said...

Nice post. I enoy your take on the world.