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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another Flower Dictionary Entry

Also called the wind flower. At first I hated these. I thought they were creepy with their bumble bee center and bright, somewhat garish colors. Then, Doug gave me some little teeny bulbs for my birthday and I planted them near the driveway at the red house. When they started cropping up with their sweet little chervil foliage, I liked them. When they were closed, ready to bloom color folded tightly, flat like a sealed envelope, I liked them. When they opened so cheerfully, I didn't find them annoying. I thought they were vivid, not garish. And they kept opening, growing, tight shut, opening in the lovely cool mornings of Spring. They were charming--those little sprigs of leaf are so dainty next to those simple petals. And they do wave all about on their stems, bobbing and jiving in the wind like a windflower should.

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