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Friday, January 19, 2007

Banks Rose

I am excited about Spring coming. Perhaps it is because when it does, I know that I will have a few things growing in the garden. I am planning, and dreaming about the garden. I think that many winter thoughts kind of drift toward the garden, if you are so inclined.

I am excited to plant a certain rose that I like: A Banks Rose. When I lived up at my grandma's house there were two. One climbing the back porch. It always got so out of hand; sending bent fishing pole branches arcing all over the patio and the roof. If you shook it, yellow petals came down like confetti! Then there was one in a falling apart old planter that was easier to control. A Banks rose has a trunk. It really does, it is like an old redwood trunk, fibrous and reddish-brown and thick! But I am going to take this rose, from its old planter and plant it by my fence in the front. It will be preserved and loved.

I am reading a book called "Golden Gate Gardening" and it is all about year-round planting. Mostly vegetables, but there are some flowers in there. I am wondering what I will plant in the beds this summer. A tomato, a cucumber, a zucchini (although Gid doesn't particularly care for summer squash or zucchini) Maybe some beans. We'll see what the book says I have a good chance with in this very distinctive micro-climate.

Thoughts toward flowers and vegetables are pleasant.

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