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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is a weird valentine I found. Wow. Yearn to bind you??? With a wedding ring???
Coo-coo. Anyhow, Happy Valentine's Day. Just thought I'd share one reason why I like valentine's day:

When I was in elementary school, Kelley Bradshaw's mom always helped with class parties. And she was REALLY good at it. She always made a jello shape appropriate to the holiday. The kind we now call a JELLO jiggler. But then I just knew it as the kind of jello you can eat with your fingers instead of a spoon and it was way sweeter than regular jello. On Valentine's Day for example, when we were out for recess she and some other moms would come in and set our places at our desks with a pink plate, red napkin, a cupcake, a cookie, a jello heart and maybe even candy too! Your valentine basket would be in some way affixed to the edge of your desk and during the sugar fest you would put valentines in everyone's basket and by the end you yourself would have a basket full of red and pink valentines and a stomach full of red and pink sugar.

When you walked into that classroom, sweaty from recess, never fully knowing what to expect because you can't remember from last year, the smell of sugar and apple juice would hit your nose you knew there was a party. Yum.


Bora said...

what about this blogger's suggestion of savory jello and oysters? it just doesn't sound good, no matter what shape the jello is.

Doug said...

Garlic and Herb Candy Hearts.

jillyg said...

yeah, that oyster post kind of grossed me out.