Here and There

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Today was the first full day of Spring. I taught the kids "Daffa-down-dilly" and made up a new verse which they liked. A nice thing that happened today is that I spotted a butterfly flopping around in the air in the corner of the yard at work. Connor was the only kid playing near there, so I pointed it out and we watched it flutter around and land nearby. It kept flying away and coming back. Connor was so patient, he would wait at the fence, looking for it and just when we thought it had flown away it would surprise us from behind and flutter right by us. We sang a song to it and tried to get it to land on us for luck, but it didn't. But it was a great Spring time. Watching a butterfly for a long time is relaxing.


Bora said...

I spent the day crunching numbers on an excel spreadsheet, so I would have been REALLY surprised to see a butterfly fly by me! But even in the deepest annals of astrophysics research, I heard people commenting on the spectacular weather with cheer in their voice.

Dana Lundblad said...

I always look for the first day of spring. I don't think I've ever had the feeling of anticipation for any season (though I love the others as well). And every first day of spring, I wake up with a sense of anticipation and joy.

No butterflies for me, but the joy of day didn't escape me!