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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stranger Than Fiction

We watched Stranger Than Fiction on Friday night. I sure liked it. I thought it was funny and sweet and nothing was too weird or scary. Just the movie I needed on Friday. I also liked the end. I just wrote why, but that would be a total spoiler, so I erased it. Anyway, I liked this movie and it sure was nice to see Emma Thompson and Will Ferrell and Queen Latifah and Maggie Gyllenhaal (sp?) and Buster from Arrested Development all together in the same movie. Peter pointed out that Buster doesn't say "Dude" but I returned that The Man Who Plays Buster is indeed an actor and can say "Dude" as another character.
I liked this scene pictured where he gives her flours. Also, I think I want to get a Wreckless Eric album because I listened to it a little on ITUNES and I loved it!


Bora said...

I liked this movie, as well. Shockingly, I even saw in the THEATER!!

Bora said...

why did I just put a comma after "movie?"

pETE said...

I, have a habbit of puttin gcommas after any proper noun. Sometimes, I just put them after the first word of a sentence.

jillyg said...

i think that's because that is kind of how you talk. you sometimes pause after the first word of a sentence.