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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Easter's on its way!

I've been waiting for Easter for a long time it seems like. With all my dragging of the feet about Lent, it seems like it snuck up on me and here it is. I tried to memorize some scripture during Lent, which was helpful and gave some purpose to the season for me. But now here I am, and Easter is Sunday and aside from all the busy little things I have to do to get ready church-wise and dinner-wise, I am glad, glad, glad.

I am glad that Lilian kicks hard now.
I am glad that Book Club is alive and kicking too.
I am glad that I've planted things in the garden:
like lilacs from Jan, roses, sweet peas, scented geranium.
I am glad that strawberries have been on sale lately.

Simple glads, not complicated. But, I am so glad for Jesus and I am glad it is Easter soon.

Question: Can I, who cried when Gid asked if we had a calculator and I told him he had to use the one on the computer, get through the Good Friday service to get to Easter?


pdana said...

Maybe you'll "get through" Good Friday by crying. Seems like an appropriate response to a painful day.

Bora said...

I'm glad for Lilian and strawberries, too.