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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

of peony, that tricky flower...

"Of asphodel, that greeny flower,

like a buttercup

upon its branching stem-"

William Carlos Williams wrote those words, and sometimes they get
in my head and I use that little phrase to describe other flowers.

So peonies are a tricky kind. They are not easy to grow around here, so I've
been told. So that makes them tricky...and they smell outrageously sweet at first,
when they first open. The kind of smell you can barely believe. But give them a
few days and they smell like walking by an open dumpster. That's one of
their tricks too.
Also, they start out as perfectly round, hard balls of green. A little pink or red
hardly showing, so you can't tell what they're really going to be when they open up.
But, I'm telling you, when they do, they are these crazy ballgowns turned upside down.

(It's true that flowers can be so darn slutty, showing it all off. Sometimes they
give the impression that they're not wearing a slip, or sometimes having actual
Marilyn moments over the subway air vents)

These full blown beauties are like Degas ballerinas turned upside down.
Shameless! Glorious!

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Bora said...

I remember that peonies were in season for Judy and Derek's Boston wedding. Profuse and extravagant, they left their mark on me.