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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Hollyhocks: Now these are Santa Fe. Hollyhocks leaning against baking walls, making wood fences seem taller with their strong sturdy backs. They grow tall and straight and then bloom their flowers close to their stems, decorating their strength and making all the adobes friendly with each other. The hollyhocks meet the desert- of sagebrush ready to smudge and dusty little hills and tracks. Tall, bright flowers down in the town, don't really belong with the brush and scattered stones all laying so flat in those high desert mountains. New Mexico has a purple sky that is so much heavier than regular sky, she dips her belly and her breasts to the desert, and the mountains make valleys to rest under her weight. At night she wears the stars gracefully, they stir on her dusky skin and shine on.

I love Santa Fe. I wrote this bit about hollyhocks a long time ago in my flower musings book. On Sunday when we were walking into Finn Hall, I saw these little cotton looking fluffs floating all around us. We stopped and Peter pointed out the trees that they came from and I was reminded of Santa Fe. I remember driving from Colorado to Santa Fe once with Doug and mom and Dari. It was a really pretty kind of drive, through lots of canyons. We had all the windows open and these little fluffs of cotton were flying all around. Swooping through the car windows, dilly dallying all along the winding road. It was kind of magical.
It wasn't rough like leaves blowing in the wind, crackly and awkward. It was gentle and harmless, just soft bits tossed around in the warm breeze.

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