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Monday, May 07, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Last Monday, after a doctor's appointment, we headed out of town. We thought it might be crazy because of the freeway collapse and all, but we had been looking so forward to it, we went anyway. There was some traffic, but not too bad. It was warm, the beach was beautiful, we slept in the sand and got strawberries at a roadside stand. Perfect Half Moon Bay day. It felt like playing hooky because we weren't sick and because everything was so beautiful and empty. Playing hooky at its best means that the day feels charmed. I love that.
Today is another Monday, no hooky. Work, work in the heat. Not as fun. But I did get a watermelon on the way home, so we'll see how good it is. If it is sweet, it will make the day seem a little cooler and a little more comfortable.


Doug said...

Audrey and I took Scout to Half Moon Bay this weekend and let her run around off leash on a very secluded beach. It was the most fun Scout has ever had in her life I think. It was also a very, very beautiful day.

Doug said...

Oh whoops, I forgot to ask you if you have ever eaten at the Garden Cafe in downtown Half Moon Bay? It's very good. Gargantuan sandwiches.

Kim said...

Have you been to Moss Beach? It's not quite as far as Half Moon Bay. John and I love to go there--it's where we got engaged. At the Moss Beach Distillery you can get a yummy lunch and/or drinks and sit on the balcony to watch the ocean. Lovely!

jillyg said...

i've never been to moss beach! sounds like a good spot. thanks for the tip.

also, dug i've never eaten at the garden cafe in hmb. good to know because there aren't that many good places to eat there actually.