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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Linaria. Linaria!

This is 'Linaria', commonly known as 'Toadflax'. The variety shown is 'Flamenco'. Teacher Myrna introduced this little number to me, and I loved it! The funny thing is, right before our wedding, I "discovered" linaria myself. We had our reception in my parents' backyard and my mom had a small planter mounted on a fence that needed something in it. I had seen linaria at the store, and thought it was kind of like Nemesia, (which it really isn't). So I said, try this new plant! It looked great, but there is a marked difference between a six pack of easter egg color linaria found at Rite Aid and the well established 4" pot of 'Flamenco' linaria that T. Myrna had the other day. I didn't even recognize it right away. I didn't even associate it with that six pack of baby colors. This must be a cool new plant! But it wasn't. It was just more interesting looking.

As with many things, if you learn more and look more, you'll find cooler looking versions of what you already need/have. I think I know people who do that all the time and they do manage to have the same old stuff as everyone else, but it's just a little more lovely, or a little more useful.

So I will get the 'Flamenco' linaria and enjoy every little red and orange popcorn kernel bopping on the frilly leaves. It doesn't cost more, it doesn't need anything different to grow, it just needed me to keep my eyes open to new varieties, the possibility of a common thing being noticable.

Caution: Slippery slope to taking the concept and slipping into a binge of consumerism...I don't have the means to do this, and must take this theory and use it for things like $3 plants, not fancy baby stuff...although these darn hooter hiders are so cool!

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