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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hey there yellow!

This is the first bloom on the Gidlund ranch. We got these roses, one bush for each side of the arch in front, at Berkeley Horticulture Society. (I wrote Berkeley Hort first and then I felt a little silly, so I went ahead and wrote the full name) They had a bout with aphids, but then the aphids just kind of disappeared. I did give every ladybug I found in the yard a chance to feast by placing them strategically on aphid infested leaves, but regardless of how they came to disappear, they've gone.

This rose isn't super duper fragrant, but it's nice. And I like how it has just enough petals to look whirly opening, but few enough to where you notice how each one is important. Have you noticed all the roses blooming around town? It's kind of amazing; so many yards with blooming roses. So many colors!

One rose I am particularly jealous of is in Emeryville. Specifically it is on Pixar's fence. It is a pink climbing rose and it is fantastic! Kind of a dark pink, not too precious or anything, and all the flowers are in varying stages of bloom. The sheer number of roses on the fence, with all the healthy thick green leaves is quite a sight. And I'll tell you, this fence is long and it is covered with these roses. I wonder whose idea it was. Someone very clever I bet.


cristyroses said...

HI Jillyg,
I love keeping up with your blog. You continue to impress me after a good many years. You are amazing!


p.s. I've lost my old address book, and I'm off to start a new one. Would you pass along the address it, the Gidland Ranch?

Kim said...

I love Berkeley in the spring and the roses in people's yards is one reason. I can't wait until we plant some roses of our own. We've got some azaleas in our front yard that have started to bloom but the color on the flowers is running due to our sprinklers.