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Friday, May 18, 2007

Treasure: Old China and Ripe Fruit

These are some little bits of china and glass and stone we found at Glass Beach awhile back. Because they are now in a little glass bottle, it is nice to do them the virtual honor of being spread out. Today I went to Monterey Market for apricots and strawberries and zucchini. As I write this I notice that in my mind I say "zucchine" like T. Monica. Monterey Market is often very crowded and people sometimes push, like at Berkeley Bowl. BUT, at Monterey Market, there is a large outdoor produce section and it gives the illusion that it's not so bad, but actually quite pleasant. I think partly because of the phenomenon that vegetables and fruit that are outside seem like they are fresher, more fragrant and more where they belong. So I like smelling them and feeling them and I don't mind my arm being bumped or someone not noticing my tush isn't moving as fast as her cart. I haven't trekked to Berkeley Bowl in awhile, I've been getting my fruit fix at Monterey.

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