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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Last day of school

Today was the last day of school. It feels like a last day of school. I packed up the classroom, took home Cranberry, the beta fish, and now I am home, wondering what to do with myself. I remember summer as a kid. It meant eating a lot of otter pops and playing super nintendo. Also, staying up late and finishing a Nancy Drew book and then waking up late and starting a new one. Frequent trips to the library and my grandma's swimming pool, playing in the sprinkler, etc. One summer, I remember staying up late to watch David Letterman and my dad would go and get us slurpies from 7-11. Good times.

As an adult I had a summer that was blissfully without work or school. This was when I lived at my grandma's house and Peter and my roommate and I all were off work, out of school, totally relaxed. I spent the majority of that summer in the backyard, napping, swimming, watering and reading Real Simple while drinking large quantities of Crystal Light. Enjoying barbequing, cloves and twinkle lights to the max.

This summer will include CWOW work, a lot of time spent in our backyard, which as you can see is quite blank and needs love, eating all the fruit I possibly can, (cherries, peaches, berries of all kinds, watermelon and pineapple) getting ready for our new pal Lillian, going barefoot as much as possible, watching I Love Lucy and making pie. I'll read Water for Elephants for book club, and the Iliad and the new Harry Potter. Then, our summer will conclude with baby days and nights; which, from what I've heard aren't particularly relaxing.

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