Here and There

Monday, July 30, 2007

Walking and waiting

Yesterday, we went for a walk around campus to try to get Lillian to understand that her eviction notice was served days ago and she is technically a squatter. Nobody likes a squatter.
It was warm, the late afternoon sun on all the grass was kind of mesmerizing. The woodsy smell whenever you cross a footbridge over the creek was in full power, so as you walked along you'd smell distinct smells in an exhilerating order: grass, eucalyptus, dust and pinecones, water, grass, eucalyptus, dust and pinecones, water...
It was a great walk. We walked by a little glen that I loved when I was in school. When the leaves were turning, I sometimes was not able to resist skipping class and sitting there, collecting dark red leaves and reading.
It is hard to wait, along with walking I started re-reading Mrs. Dalloway. Beautiful.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

She just couldn't wait to get her paws on it.

I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows today. I probably should have taken it a bit slower, I'm already a little fuzzy on a couple parts, but since when have I been able to resist something as addictive as a new Harry Potter book, or Krispy Kreme donuts for that matter? They both must be consumed immediately and entirely, not just left to lie around the house.

I sure liked it; it was satisfying for the fan in me and surprisingly satisfying for the critic in me. Usually I can complain about Rowling's writing, sometimes so obvious and dialogue sometimes so lame. But if you laid the first HP book and this HP book side by side, or even read a page from each at random, you can see how much sharper this last book is. Some of the passages on death are so poignant, it's really very touching. I'm looking forward to reading it again, when I will retain more. Give me a couple years or so and I will probably pull them all out for a complete re-read.

That said, between gulping down Harry Potter and feasting on The Wire, I feel like whole days and nights have passed without anything really happening to ME, but to all my fictional friends. How was Harry going to figure out the Hallows AND the Horcruxes??? Why did Kima have to be shot in that ridiculous buy/bust??? It is vacation and all, and our lives are definitely about to change sooner rather than later with Lily's arrival, so it's nice to tune out and enjoy the various entertainment medias, but for now I am pulling myself out of the books and the boob tube to report my personal opinions and it has been pleasantly self-actualizing.

Friday, July 13, 2007

"Nature is a language, can't you read?"

You'd think with all this extra time on my hands I would be posting more frequently, not less. But here I am, 4 weeks in to this in between time of much much less work and much much more free time before the baby comes and my days are disappearing without much to show for it.
I have watched a lot of I Love Lucy, and drank a lot of "50 cent" Vitamin Water. (This is the best beverage, Peter compares it to watered down grape koolaid and that is exactly what it tastes like.) I have done some organizing and cleaning and a lot of sitting on the couch, daydreaming.

But, this post wasn't going to be about that, it was going to be about The Smiths. I like the Smiths and sometimes, when listening I really appreciate a certain lyric, and then I forget it until the next time I go on a Smiths jag.

In times past the appreciation came for the lyric from the song "I Know It's Over": "It's so easy to laugh, it's so easy to hate, it takes strength to be gentle and kind. It's so easy to laugh, it's so easy to hate, it takes guts to be gentle and kind." I thought that was so true.

This time, we were listening to "Ask" on a car trip and I had completely forgotten and was delighted to hear again the lyric: "Nature is a language, can't you read?" I loved that! I want to say to Morrissey affirmingly "Nature IS a language, I CAN read!"