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Monday, July 30, 2007

Walking and waiting

Yesterday, we went for a walk around campus to try to get Lillian to understand that her eviction notice was served days ago and she is technically a squatter. Nobody likes a squatter.
It was warm, the late afternoon sun on all the grass was kind of mesmerizing. The woodsy smell whenever you cross a footbridge over the creek was in full power, so as you walked along you'd smell distinct smells in an exhilerating order: grass, eucalyptus, dust and pinecones, water, grass, eucalyptus, dust and pinecones, water...
It was a great walk. We walked by a little glen that I loved when I was in school. When the leaves were turning, I sometimes was not able to resist skipping class and sitting there, collecting dark red leaves and reading.
It is hard to wait, along with walking I started re-reading Mrs. Dalloway. Beautiful.


Bora said...

Not that many people know about Woolf's early drafts, before that pesky Leonard got his editorial hands on it:

"Mrs. Dalloway said that she would buy the flowers herself...she walked down the avenue, but before she reached the flower shop, she felt an enormous pressure on her cervix and an intense urge to bear down."

Kim said...

Before you do anything too drastic to evict little Lillian, you should know that for white women having their first baby, the average length of gestation is actually 41 weeks and 1 day, not the 40 weeks that most doctors base due dates on ( content/abstract/75/6/929). Be patient, friend. She will come when she's ready!

marguerite said...

not that this is a scientific sample or anything, but my three babies who were late (naomi, reyna and hope) have ended up being my kids who tend to run late -- still, i agree with kim, she'll come out when she chooses (tho we did have a special prayer time over reyna to encourage her to come out)