Here and There

Monday, August 20, 2007

Home Alone

So this morning is my first day "home alone" with Lily. I had a moment of timelessness, identifying with women through the ages, where I felt doors echo shut all across America, all throughout history. My beloved is gone, the light is definitely morning time, the day is before me, and what do I do with it? Am I supposed to unload the dishwasher? Am I supposed to hold the baby even though she's sleeping? What about the laundry? And if I turn on the TV and watch The View, is that entering into a black hole of daytime TV I will never return from?

I just slept more.

I wish I had an Ethel who would come over right after Peter walked out the door and say "Let's play Canasta."

That would be fun.


Erin said...

i wish i could be your Ethel. 'cept i don't wish I had a Fred...

Bora said...

When I was home with babies Kate and Anna, I fell asleep more times than I can count listening to Charlie Rose drone on and on with some mucky muck. I also remember that Oprah was doing something called "Angel network" and that she had a lady on who claimed to have invented pain free eyebrow plucking.

Kim said...

By all means, sleep as much as you can! I also watched a lot of TV when both of mine were babies and it seemed I was wearing a hole in the couch where I sat and nursed, seemingly, all day.