Here and There

Sunday, August 12, 2007

She's here

Lillian is here. She's sweet as pie and we're enjoying her so much. It's strange to have so many firsts in a week, but one I will relate here is our first walk together as a family. Stepping into the sunshine after being inside for the first few days of Lily's life was surreal. Peter wore her in the baby wrap thing (and Kate wasn't jealous) and we walked out into this very mild, golden afternoon. I thought I could detect something in the light akin to that fall coming way I blogged about last August. We walked up the street slowly, quietly. When we took a turn on 7th street to come back, there were a couple birch trees dangling their branches over the sidewalk. We walked through them. I noticed them and I was glad about that. We came home and that was that. First walk as family. There are moments when the whole thing about having a baby is just too special, it's exhausting. Then there are moments when it is so mild and sweet that it is easy.


Bora said...

So good to have you here, Lily G!

charleen said...

very sweet--beautiful post. welcome Lily G.!

cristyroses said...


She is beautiful and looks very smart!

Jood said...

Lily is adorable!

I still remember our first walk with Will. It might have been the sleep deprivation, but I also remember the world looking different.

marguerite said...

what a cutie!!! "sweet as pie" describes her well. blessings on your new little gidding.