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Monday, November 12, 2007


This story begins with the DVD machine breaking a couple nights ago. We were about to watch Evan Almighty and I was nursing the baby. Gid went to go get a new DVD player just as I started to introduce the idea of going to bed to Lil. I was wearing her in the Moby wrap and feeling very global.

Just me, with my child all wrapped up against me in this long cloth. I was inspired to wrap around my head one of the new swaddling blankets I got. (It is made of muslin and I'm kind of obsessed with how soft and big and pretty they are.) It made me feel decidedly more global, but in actuality made me far less global when I think now about how much those dumb blankets cost.

It reminded me of how my brother and I always played with dishtowels. Flour sack dishtowels are a fun toy. We would wrap them around our heads. They were even more fun to play with when they were slightly damp after drying dishes.

Anyhow, I put on the Elizabeth Mitchell album You Are My Sunshine and was enjoying my three favorite songs: Goin' Down the Road which is sad and mournful, Black Jack Baby which is kind of rollicking in a lullaby way, and Jubilee, which is actually a traditional tune and has that nice combination of spiritual content and human romance. Chorus: "Swing and turn, jubilee. Live and learn, jubilee."

I'm not much of an interpretative dancer or anything, but I can swing and turn. And closing my eyes and swinging and turning with a sleeping Lily all wrapped up, my own head all wrapped up in this lovely soft cloth, it was one of those moments where you do exactly what you want to do, what feels exactly right to do and it was delicious. Go ahead, put on that weird looking hat. It's easy, sing out! Clap if you want, laugh. Jubilee!

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