Here and There

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Tonight is New Year's Eve and I am looking forward to a quiet evening at home. I remember New Year's Eves past, fun parties and crazy antics, and I am still looking forward to a quiet evening at home. I think that's a good sign.
This past year has been full of so many good things. Lily, finishing work on the house, enjoying my part time work, changing full time positions from teacher to mother, reading good stuff, planting flowers and food, going to lots of weddings; it's been a beautiful year. But 2008 has a particularly nice round ring to it. I am glad to welcome it and all its own things.
Lately, I've been thirsty for flowers. I saw a Martha Stewart Weddings issue on a magazine rack at Target and I felt a little twinge. I've thought about what's out at the Flower Mart this time of year. I've had a couple ideas for bouquets and arrangements. I'd love to do a wedding. On the homefront I want to try to get some sweet peas in the ground super early and see what happens. I've been watching all the bulbs sprout.

1. Get skinnier.
2. Eat more organic foods.
3. Vacuum daily.
4. Get Action Jackson rolling (for real this time!)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cry it out. Who's supposed to cry now?

Lily has always had a hard time going to bed...she's a night owl. She'd close the bar if we let her. We fought it and tried all manners of soothing: wear her down, nurse her down, rock her down, sing her get the picture. Then last week she was winning and we were losing. Our cut off hour of midnight found us all back in dreaded family bed and the easy access to the chuck wagon kept her going all night. This kid will force herself to stay awake to eat. I was either fending her off or feeding her. Although my heart said no, my back the next morning said yes. So last night we let her cry herself to sleep. So sad. It made me feel ill, it made me feel desperate. But then she went to sleep and slept until morning. Very good.
But now it's night again and she's howling, no wait, she stopped, no, she's howling again. I hate this more than I hate ants.


A perfect little creative moment by my friend Stephers.

Watch it and listen to it, you'll love it. IT.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Craft 2007

Usually around Christmas time I like to make some sort of craft. The year that Peter proposed I was working on this paper and bead mistletoe thing. Water color painted leaves and wired beads making the berries. It was a lovely little thing; I wish I knew where it was! I've made ornaments and little paintings. This year couldn't be too complicated, but I really wanted to do something. This year I filled two small bowls. One with seed beads of all colors and one with sequins of all colors. I got some strong black thread and threaded a needle. I made a long garland, 5 beads, 1 sequin, 5 beads, 1 sequin. It actually didn't take long to do the whole thing, then I put it on the Christmas tree kind of haphazardly, casually. Like someone just left it there while walking past. I like it.

I was watching Martha just now and she said that she is tasting too many things this holiday season and it's making her underwear too tight. I thought, weird?! and then she said a second later "Underwear can never be too tight!" Double weird?!

Monday, December 10, 2007


This is Sleeping Beauty's castle decked out with sparkling icicles for Christmas. I can't believe I am going to actually see this in 2 1/2 weeks!!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I've got no plan!

Bora wrote a beautiful post about Planning. and invited me to do the same...

I used to have a palm pilot, which I used exclusively for tracking weight watchers points. I had a little leather bound date book and I filled it out when I got it with regularly scheduled things like holidays, small group, birthdays, and sometimes wrote the random song lyric in my head or a few nights worth of what I wanted for dinner.

I like to anticipate things, like the upcoming trip to Disneyland: I'm thinking about it, I'm wondering what to take with us, but I haven't planned. And if Auntie Sissy wasn't on top of things we wouldn't have airline tickets yet or a place to stay.

I plan like I clean. I wander through the house, picking up this and that ending up in different rooms, plopping down to read for a minute, or look at something more closely. If I spend the day doing this, I will accomplish a clean house. If something is coming up, or if I'm left to plan something, like a party or a trip, I think about it and wait until I'm inspired then I ride that as plan fuel. If I don't get inspired, I do it all at the last minute.

This is tricky with my job as an administrator, it is a constant challenge for me to stay on top of future events and duties. It's contrary to my nature, but I manage.

I like to make lists, I like to write on my wall calendars (Tropical one and vintage kitchen appliance ads one) But I make the same list over and over again and then I usually throw it away or lose it. It's more of a way to keep it in my head instead of a way to keep it outside my head.

Because art is not my work, I paint or write or craft when it is possible/necessary. Which I usually notice I haven't done enough and then feel all weird until I do it again. Maybe if I planned more I wouldn't find myself in that situation as much.

A lot of fits and starts in this post because truth be told, I am not a goal oriented person. I'm about the process and if you plan out the process too much it's not a process, I guess it's a plan.