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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Craft 2007

Usually around Christmas time I like to make some sort of craft. The year that Peter proposed I was working on this paper and bead mistletoe thing. Water color painted leaves and wired beads making the berries. It was a lovely little thing; I wish I knew where it was! I've made ornaments and little paintings. This year couldn't be too complicated, but I really wanted to do something. This year I filled two small bowls. One with seed beads of all colors and one with sequins of all colors. I got some strong black thread and threaded a needle. I made a long garland, 5 beads, 1 sequin, 5 beads, 1 sequin. It actually didn't take long to do the whole thing, then I put it on the Christmas tree kind of haphazardly, casually. Like someone just left it there while walking past. I like it.

I was watching Martha just now and she said that she is tasting too many things this holiday season and it's making her underwear too tight. I thought, weird?! and then she said a second later "Underwear can never be too tight!" Double weird?!


Susi said...

I think Martha should leave the topic of underwear well enough alone.

PS I'm excited you get to go to DLand...It is the happiest place on earth, you know.

Bora said...

I thought of something to say about Martha...but I'll save it and tell you in person. I am a lady, after all.