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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Tonight is New Year's Eve and I am looking forward to a quiet evening at home. I remember New Year's Eves past, fun parties and crazy antics, and I am still looking forward to a quiet evening at home. I think that's a good sign.
This past year has been full of so many good things. Lily, finishing work on the house, enjoying my part time work, changing full time positions from teacher to mother, reading good stuff, planting flowers and food, going to lots of weddings; it's been a beautiful year. But 2008 has a particularly nice round ring to it. I am glad to welcome it and all its own things.
Lately, I've been thirsty for flowers. I saw a Martha Stewart Weddings issue on a magazine rack at Target and I felt a little twinge. I've thought about what's out at the Flower Mart this time of year. I've had a couple ideas for bouquets and arrangements. I'd love to do a wedding. On the homefront I want to try to get some sweet peas in the ground super early and see what happens. I've been watching all the bulbs sprout.

1. Get skinnier.
2. Eat more organic foods.
3. Vacuum daily.
4. Get Action Jackson rolling (for real this time!)

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