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Thursday, December 06, 2007

I've got no plan!

Bora wrote a beautiful post about Planning. and invited me to do the same...

I used to have a palm pilot, which I used exclusively for tracking weight watchers points. I had a little leather bound date book and I filled it out when I got it with regularly scheduled things like holidays, small group, birthdays, and sometimes wrote the random song lyric in my head or a few nights worth of what I wanted for dinner.

I like to anticipate things, like the upcoming trip to Disneyland: I'm thinking about it, I'm wondering what to take with us, but I haven't planned. And if Auntie Sissy wasn't on top of things we wouldn't have airline tickets yet or a place to stay.

I plan like I clean. I wander through the house, picking up this and that ending up in different rooms, plopping down to read for a minute, or look at something more closely. If I spend the day doing this, I will accomplish a clean house. If something is coming up, or if I'm left to plan something, like a party or a trip, I think about it and wait until I'm inspired then I ride that as plan fuel. If I don't get inspired, I do it all at the last minute.

This is tricky with my job as an administrator, it is a constant challenge for me to stay on top of future events and duties. It's contrary to my nature, but I manage.

I like to make lists, I like to write on my wall calendars (Tropical one and vintage kitchen appliance ads one) But I make the same list over and over again and then I usually throw it away or lose it. It's more of a way to keep it in my head instead of a way to keep it outside my head.

Because art is not my work, I paint or write or craft when it is possible/necessary. Which I usually notice I haven't done enough and then feel all weird until I do it again. Maybe if I planned more I wouldn't find myself in that situation as much.

A lot of fits and starts in this post because truth be told, I am not a goal oriented person. I'm about the process and if you plan out the process too much it's not a process, I guess it's a plan.


pdana said...
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pdana said...

I can't believe that you didn't write about David Allen. C'mon, he's the only author you've ever been assigned to read as administrator.

jillyg said...

i never think david allen is his full name, i always think there's something else, (maybe because of david allen grier?) so i didn't want to seem stupid and write the wrong name...

pdana said...

Yeah, people with a last name that could be a first name should schedule a time to go down to the feds and change that name. Maybe they just never get around to it.