Here and There

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A wee bit obsessed.

This tea is so good. It's from Mexico. Directly. I can't find it in any stores here. I may have to wait until my mom's friend brings more. I drank glass after glass of this tea on Monday when I had a sore throat and it helped. It really did! My favorite flavor is Passion fruit-Peach or Cherry-Blueberry.

Just sitting there, staring at the goldfish container and it occurred to me...

I think a fish needs a helmet like a fish needs a bicycle.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I got this book from my brother, I had been wishing for it for awhile, then I received it and now I am reading it! Just finished Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichl for fun and The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende for book club. I don't think I've ever read this many books by female writers in a row before. I'm only about 50 pages into A Gift From the Sea, but it is very good. I am so enjoying Lindbergh's take on women, creativity, simplification and solitude. Some great stuff here. (Aside: I know that book titles are supposed to be underlined, just so you know, but for some reason blogger doesn't have an underline button. So I italicize.)

Thanks to cr!'s blog, I remembered Bob Dylan last week and have been listening to "It Ain't Me Babe." on repeat. When I baked a lemon cake for Lisa's shower, I listened to the greatest hits over and over again. How soothing it was! The saddest Bob Dylan songs soothe me.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Kate and the new curtains.

Thanksgiving Story time (or wrangle, depending on how you look at it.)


Made brussels sprouts for the first time a few weeks ago. I liked them!

Thanksgiving Pre-Meal music time.


One of my very dearest friends is moving away. I feel like a character in a children's book. Like the Alexander book about moving: "Alexander, Who's not (Do you hear me I mean it) Going to Move." But it's happening whether I like it or not. I like it decidedly not.

Friends had been hard for me for awhile. For awhile I felt so lonely, I was shy about myself, I felt frightened about getting close to someone. I thought if I ever had a best friend again it would hurt terribly and why would anyone want to be my friend anyway? When we moved here, women were so incredibly kind to me. I was so loved and cared for by my sister, women at church, old friends that I didn't see often.

But I held back. If the question was in my mind, "Should I call her?" The answer was "no". It would bug her, I don't know her that well, she probably has a lot going on, how do I know if she would want to hang out with me...on and on. It was this problem and I didn't know how to fix it. I had a lot of friends, ladies I admired and loved, but I didn't know how to get to the next level of friendship. The one where you talk to the person without thought about whether or not. You share meals, moments, conversations, trips, random errands, news, secrets and recipes. I had had that once and I didn't anymore and part of my confusion about how that had happened left me so handicapped. I felt like a runt, not equipped, totally clueless.

Enter, God. I asked to be healed from this burden. It was so heavy to be so self-conscious. So NOT me. Two things came from prayer for me, an image of being wounded and that every time that wound stung that God wanted to relieve the pain. That I was healing, it was just still painful sometimes. The second was Psalm 91, that has become such a comfort to me. To me, that Psalm equals being held by God. That's why I made Dana read it in the dim light during my labor with Lily. It always makes me feel known and loved. Two things I needed to believe that not only God and my family felt about me, but friends too.

Enter, friend who is leaving. She kept calling me. She kept wanting to hang out. There was no shoe waiting to drop. She liked me, she remembered things about me and got to know me better and better. We had fun together. We were pregnant at the same time, had babies and then all of a sudden were home during the day. Ding-a-ling-a-ling. Hey, wanna go to the beach? Hey, wanna go to Target? Wanna sit in the backyard? I need a cocktail, let's have a party! If I think, "Should I call her?" I do. She gave me this sense of confidence and pure joy about best friends again. Because of her, I have not just one best friend, but many. Some wall crumbled in me and I felt more at ease with all my friends. I feel incredibly hopeful about my capacity for friendship. I'm not scared anymore.

I am so sad she's leaving. It would seem this would be the worst thing that could happen. What kind of fallout will happen for me that the person that made me feel confident and safe about letting my guard down is leaving? It should set me back a mile! But it doesn't. I am moved to tears almost daily by how much I will miss her and how I can't really imagine my daily life without her, but whatever healing that started even before she arrived in Berkeley has been done. I am so grateful to her for loving me so well and helping me learn how to share friendship in a new way. I am so glad for all the people I am close to because of her.

This past year has been an especially golden one. The slow pace of being at home with a little one and sharing those slow, free days with some fantastic people and their own little ones warms my heart so much. I will always remember these years as charmed in a way. The happy hours, the bbqs, the beach and the garden. The sweet feeling with which I remember my early college days I thought I would never feel about another time. But looking back over the past few years, I am inspired and relaxed. That perfect combination of stirring and simmering. And that makes me so peaceful.

So I say to my friend who is leaving, besides Thank you! I love you!, I say don't worry. Thanks to my new-found friendship health I don't worry about our friendship. I know we will always be close, we will always be in each other's hearts.

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

Ah, nothing like a cathartic blog post.

Friday, November 14, 2008

November and the ground is cold.

On Sunday we did some hard work in the yard. We composted all the tired ratty old summer garden and put fresh compost and soil back in the beds. This is satisfying because it's the ultimate personal recycling program: food scraps, yard waste and all my shredded office waste create rich black compost in which to grow food. Then we planted seeds.

We planted some cold weather crops for the winter. Basically any Spring crops can be grown in our microclimate for winter. We planted broccoli, spinach, lettuce, pole peas, beets and yellow beets. We also planted some hyacinth bulbs and narcissus in the summer flower bed. The anenomes are already putting up frilly tufts of leaves. They will probably bloom by January.

My next project is forcing some bulbs for Christmas time. Better get on that!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This was outside my kitchen window November 5, 2008.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

You say "O", I say "Bama"

Stole this from Bora's Blog! Funny that Lily and Little O. are two of the ones that couldn't take their eyes from the coverage.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Sydney sent me some beautiful pictures of lilypads and this is one of them. I am nervous and excited about today, being election day and all. It's funny, I was slow to warm to Obama. I liked him and all, but I really wanted Hillary to get a chance. After she was out of the running and Obama was the candidate I was on board, but not in love. Maybe I was afraid to care very much. But now, despite myself I am really warming up to this guy. I really, really, really want him to be the President and I want his family to be the First family. I also like how he has a tab on his website for Hillary supporters to get involved.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Chicken Little

Just another independent little chick.

Gid and Lil in the corn maze.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Just when I needed it!

Saw this on Bill Moyers Journal tonight. I cannot wait for this film to come out on dvd. Watch the trailer if you can at the website: Playing for Change: Peace through Music. This guy Marc Johnson is such a dear!

New art

We went to see Keith's work last weekend at an open studio event. There is a lone cloud picture that I love very much that he had up. It was nice to see that again. Another nice thing that happened is that I came across an artist that I really enjoy. Eve Shen. I really loved what I saw of hers and I have been gazing at her postcard this week, enjoying it so much!

I am feeling kind of down today. Lily has tried my patience with all her tearing this and that apart and hugs that turn into pinches. I would love to go to the forest and be under the trees, or go to the ocean and listen, or to go to the Lavender Inn and drink wine. Just peaceful and quiet. As in the subject of this post I have seen new art, but I need new art! New fodder for to ponder, gaze and inspire. It's definitely not in my backyard or my kitchen today, it feels farther afield and I want to tramp out and find it!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Things that make you go "hmmm".

Why are Charley's teeth outlined in blood? I mean, red?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Best Vegetable Stock

Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone has a Winter Squash soup recipe that is terrific, but when I made it a couple weeks ago I realized partly why I liked it so much was making the "Quick Vegetable Stock" for it. This recipe has you roughly chop a bunch of good smellers (aromatics) like onion, carrot, celery, parsley and garlic and throw them in with branches of thyme and all the scraps from the other ingredients of the soup. In this case, the insides of a butternut squash. I love the casual mess of it all in the pot and the idea of using food waste to make good food. I like tossing food into a pot. I like the contents looking like I foraged them. I like that something so rich tasting is simply vegetables and water.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Riding Bikes

When we moved to our house a few years ago, we were living in kind of a weird surreal campsite. Working hard to make our house live-able/comfortable, struggling to make ends meet, all that stuff. We sold one of our cars and were excited about living more simply. We saw online that Walmart had cruiser bikes for $79 or something else crazy like that so we went and bought two. A blue one for me and a black one for Peter. It felt wrong to buy these bikes from Walmart, but our grander purpose of biking v driving made it okay to purchase from this evil company. (Maybe I'm still working that out. We were poor, okay?)

So there we were: two kids with bikes. We did not "bike ride" we "rode bikes". The way kids get together and ride bikes. Not for exercise, not for necessary transportation even. We would ride down to 4th St to get Peets. We would ride our bikes to Costco to get a hot dog. Believe me, not a lot of people are riding their bikes to Costco. Our baskets didn't have room for 36 rolls of TP. We rode to Golden Gate Fields and saw amazing sunsets and rode back down the hill at lightning speeds. Better than a roller coaster! We rode across the people bridge and rode down the frontage road. To Emeryville, to Cesar Chavez Park. We cruised our way to church. Our house is very proximal to a lot of great rides.

The thing about riding bikes with your husband is that it is romantic. You are moving along together at the same speed, sometimes you race but that's not what I'm talking about here--you're moving along side by side and you look at each other and it's like everything else is blurring but the other person. I love that. It's like a real life version of that feeling. I think it happens only with a cruiser bike, when you're not interested in going that fast and you're happy about each other and where you're cruising to.

My bike is rusty now. And he has a better bike now, though still a cruiser. But I miss riding bikes together. I don't want to get a bike with gears and pull a trailer for my kid. I don't want to wear a helmet or even really be on the street too much. I just want to ride bikes for fun sometime. Wearing flip flops and laughing and singing the song "Come and see my farm for it is beautiful!" while I ride.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

In pictures

She has clothes on and that's all that matters to the cast members.

Big Thunder...almost caught my arm on a stalactite (or is it stalagmite?)

May not be Mendocino, Jood, but pretty easy on the eyes!

Such a sweet goat!

Why, oh why doesn't my child love In 'N Out?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


In high school we asked our Spanish teacher how to say Disneyland in Spanish. It was a small class, Spanish 4 at Redwood Christian High school had four students. Spanish 4 was basically chatting in English about Party of Five with the Senora constantly saying: "Ya! En espanol!" She didn't care what we talked about, but it had to be in Spanish.

So we asked her how to say Disneyland in Spanish and she said: "Disneylandia!" I loved the Senora and she was such a tiny, intense person. She was first and foremost a missionary at heart and she loved God and she loved the Bible. I don't think she really loved teaching Spanish, but she was diligent. To everything she would say: "Gloria a Dios!" One time when she was kind of jogging into the classroom, a little late for class, she ran into a post. We all saw her do it through the wall of windows and lots of people got up concerned and ran to the door to see if she was okay. She had this huge goose egg on her forehead and she shouted: "Gloria a Dios! Sientate!" Which when I just looked up in the Spanish/English dictionary is how you tell a dog to sit. Hmm.

Anyway, we're off to Disneylandia tomorrow. It is "HalloweenTime" at Disneyland. I've never seen that before, so that will be a fun new thing in an old familiar fun place. My hope is that Lillian will be happy to stay in her stroller at least part of the time...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good Day

A good day is when October magazines come in the mail. Especially when 2 come on the same day! Time to pull out the Oct. Martha Stewart Livings of yore and get my fill of flipping through pages of pumpkins, chrysanthemums and soups!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

California Academy of Sciences

I've been waiting for a long time for this...

We got to go to our member preview on Monday, so Lil and I got a sneak peek at the Academy.

The crazy penguins!
Outside the front right side.

The rainforest globe wasn't open...these guys were busy washing the whole thing.

The Morrison Planetarium (The rainforest and the planetarium are the two globes in the new building.)

Some of the diaramas in the African Hall just had plastic over them, outside the glass waited to be installed.

The white alligator was out in all his glory at the swamp.

A lower level view of the Phillipine Coral Reef.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Will Power

The Frangipane tart was good. It was special. But what got made with the leftovers was better...

The extra tart dough made an adorable little 6 inch tart. I will say that this dough is BY FAR the easiest dough I've ever worked with and it is flaky in a way I thought only puff pastry could be. I wouldn't use it for a pie, but for a tart it is perfect.

The leftover pastry cream went into the baked tart shell and sliced ripe mango went on top. Best 3 bites I've had in weeks!

This is now what is sitting in my refrigerator...waiting. For Peter to get home and eat it!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baking for book club

Today I felt lousy, had a headache, sore throat...I wanted to do nothing except bake for tonight's book club. I thought I would make something pretty simple and spend the day quietly with Lil. Then, after we ate a pear for breakfast that was perfectly ripe, I got inspired to make a pear tart. I got the Tartine cookbook for my birthday and knew there must be some sort of delicious pear tart in there, and sure enough...Frangipane Tart with pears. It required a lot of steps: Flaky tart dough, pastry cream, frangipane cream, poach pears and then bake it all up. But I had all the ingredients in the house so I went for it. Good thing Lily likes to pull everything out of the cabinets and play on the kitchen floor because that's where we spent most of the morning. I pulled an Alexis and didn't taste ANYTHING while I was baking and I am excited to taste this tonight.

This cook's notes:
Elisabeth and Chad (Tartine's authors) suggest using a tart ring without a bottom, which I did and it made it very easy to go from baking sheet-cooling rack-pretty plate.
They also say to fill it up with 3 cups of the frangipane cream which in my heart I was thinking: "Too much! Too much!" and I was right. It overflowed a lot. I had plenty of dough from the halved recipe, so I would suggest making a 6 inch and a 9 inch and split the 3 cups between the 2 tarts.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I saw this movie almost a year ago and it still comes into my mind often. At the recommendation of Chrissy we put this in our queue, Lily was new and we were tearing through the netflix as fast as possible. No mail pick up on Sunday really sets you back in your dance with netflix.

We got it and we watched it one evening while I folded all the tiny laundry. I was completely enchanted by it. It was actually pretty emotional to see his 16 mm footage of Glen Canyon before it was covered in water by a dam. It was one of the most stirring, beautiful films I've seen. You should watch it.

David Brower, Pete Seeger and Jayber Crow have been the 3 men all connected in my mind lately. I'm not usually one to pat some man on the back for achievement...I mean, things are sort of set up in such a way that they will in some way achieve, but I have a lot of admiration for these 3 because they went against the tide as best they could. (Yeah, yeah, I know one is fictional, but Jayber's creator Wendell Berry is pretty aligned with Brower and Seeger.)

Maybe Woody Guthrie fits in this group as well, actually.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Things Change

It's hard to adjust to one nap instead of two. Even though she wanted it that way, some days we see more of this face than her impish smile.

In this turning of the season I feel like I'm watching change all around me. The summer vegetable garden looks all strung out, brown at the bottom, a little bitter (the greens) and a little rotten (the zucchini). The tomatoes are coming in steadily, but that's about it. All the sunflowers have been dead and gone for awhile now. I got some pansies and johnny-jump-ups to plant, but haven't had time. Lily is a little girl now, and hardly a baby. This season has also found me counting points, somehow finally able to commit to Weight Watchers. It's nice to have the mind/heart space to care for myself in this way. It all kind of hinged on having a baby...first you gain all this weight, then after the baby is born you give all your attention to it. It's hard to even imagine how many points are in a Bake Sale Betty's scone when you are gazing at your infant in wonder/worry. But now, I am putting in the time and energy (and it really does take time and energy) and it feels good.

I've been thinking about how so often the things that delight or intrigue you naturally resemble each other...or are intertwined in some way. We saw a great documentary about Pete Seeger on KQED called "The Power of Song". It was really interesting and kind of dovetailed with what I was reading in Jayber Crow about war/community/action. Maybe this is meant for a whole other post. I will continue to ruminate and report back.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good quote I read last night in Jayber Crow

Thinking to try to comfort him, I said, "Well, along with all else, there's goodness and beauty too. I guess that's the mercy of the world."
Mat said, "The mercy of the world is you don't know what's going to happen."

Friday, September 05, 2008

My Birthday

Well, my enter, enter, enter technique didn't work so I will have to try another way...

Today is my birthday. I like to do exactly what I want on my birthday, which today I think includes a points-free day, naps and reading Jayber Crow. I am so glad to re-read this book for book club, some passages are so insightful, in a kind of cut-to-the-quick way that it's almost better the second time.

It is only 9:30am and it is oppressively hot.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Blog Complaint.

I don't like how after my last statement on the new blog format it has that little tag with the "posted by" thing. Especially because my style is to have a nice little package of a post with a good last statement and now this little tag competes with me. I'm going to have to press return a few times and see if it makes a little more space.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Land

I came across this painting months ago while doing an image search for something I can't remember now. But I saw this and immediately saved it because I thought it was so good. I don't know who the artist is or what the painting is called, but it's nice.

On Sunday I was walking around in the courtyard of the senior center during church with Lily. There was no one else there, we were just walking quietly together and she was trying out some new stuff- stepping into the sandy horseshoe pit, stepping out of it. Stepping on a piece of wood, stepping on it again and then one more time just to make sure. Patting the apple tree, smelling the flowers, you know, stuff you gotta do. A dove was eating under the apple tree. It made a small sound and we both turned to see it. Just then it flew up over us and away and we both watched it go up. It was nice to notice that together. When doves are eating on the ground in the evening it's a pleasant sort of feeling. You know they feel safe and calm and it makes you feel the same sort of peacefulness. Especially in these transitional evenings which seem so much more golden than usual.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to School

Not only are all the naked ladies out, a classic sign of school beginning, but the streets are covered with brown leaves. We all know these are not actually signs of autumn. These are signs of Indian Summer. Today will be blisteringly hot and there is no bite to the morning or evening air. But, it's that lovely dusty air transitional time that I love so well and have written about every late August since starting this blog. So this year, I'm watering the yard--a little sheepishly because I know we're very close to our suggested maximum "units", but I'm watering anyhow because I don't mind when leaves or even summer flowers turn brown and crackly this time of year, but I kind of hate a crackly lawn.

This time of year also always reminds me of the album Very Emergency by The Promise Ring. I listened to it a lot when Peter and I were first dating and it was also this time of year. This lyric is from the title track.

"And soon the room can't tell you were here,
and there's dust in my hair
and dusty air has gone crazy for something late in the year,
and water everywhere."

It looks an awkward rhyme written, but to hear it to music it is perfect.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I love this guy.

I was looking for some exercise dvds online and I came across "Sweatin' to the Oldies". Remember this? Isn't Richard Simmons one of the sweetest little guys? He is so sweet talking to fat people and he's so little and energetic. He cries, he giggles. I kinda want to buy this DVD. But I would imagine that after a couple times of "Sweatin' to the Oldies" I'd be sick of the songs and he would annoy me. I like him best as a guest on Oprah or running down the aisle on David Letterman. But, call me crazy, I do think he's pretty adorable.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


No, this isn't my home. It's Vikingsholm on Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe. We visited this place twice during our vacation to Tahoe . (We only went on the tour once) I was utterly charmed by the whole place and like imagining myself living there for the summer.

This painted closet inspired me to want to paint little things in unexpected places in my house.

The kitchen was bright and airy. The whole house seemed very well appointed and functional as well as downright lovely. I like that combination.

One of the best things about coming home was that Alexis had blogged while I was gone.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy Birthday

Dear Lillian,

On your first birthday I am sad, and happy. Mostly when I look at you today I am proud. I am proud of you for growing and adapting to your world. I am proud of every little inch of your smooth soft skin. Your brain, your starry blue eyes. Your crazy gapped teeth. I am proud that you can climb on to that weird dragon rocking thing all by yourself like you're nonchalantly climbing onto a horse. I am proud of how your sounds have changed from coos to shrieks to words. You've got a great voice. It's musical.

I've always found you incredibly charming. When you were born and I was so happy to see you I was actually taken aback..."She's so cute, isn't she?!" I said over and over. "I think she's just so cute." You were cute, but you were also so yourself, even when you were so new. You would gaze at me, you would reach out with your hands, you would shake your head like animal from the muppets right before you would eat. So crazy! You also had this look about you that was beyond me. Sometimes when you would look at me like I was the most amazing thing you'd ever seen, I would just marvel: "She thinks I'm so great, but look at her, look at her!"

I've loved watching you learn. Remembering the first time you saw things and tried to make sense of them. Candles on Christmas Eve, the way sun shows the dust suspended in the air, the cat, raindrops, snow.

I am glad you are one. But I miss Baby Lily a little bit. When you were so small, you were soft in my arms and didn't straighten your back or wriggle. When you were just a baby we would spend hours nursing, laying in bed or watching Ellen. When you were itsy bitsy you would laugh when I would sing "Whose my pretty baby?" Now you find humor in how echoey your voice is when you talk into a cup. You crawl like a little bear. You stand and clap your hands without anybody holding you up. You say things like "Balloon" and bark like a dog with such gusto and personality.

Grow little girl! Grow! I'm lucky enough to know you so well from the beginning. No matter how much you grow and change I'll have Baby Lily love to last me. So much of this last year was me trying to memorize your always changing little self. Just when I had it, you'd change. But somehow, my prize as your mom is having these blurry memories of you as a tiny baby, clear enough to be true, fuzzy enough to be even more perfect than reality. So I send you off into year two unfettered-I'll keep my nostalgia for your baby days to myself and let you grow. (Not that there's much I could do about it anyway.)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pretty kitty WEIRD book

I read this book, The Darling Buds of May, back in the month of May. Just as things were starting to turn lovely: all the yellow roses were blooming, the Pixar roses were showing off, the weather was warm and everything was generally pretty nice.

So, I thought this book would be a perfect book to read. It was one of the most bizarre books I've ever read. It was full of all my favorite things: food, nature, summer, love, cocktails, good smells, relaxation, parties. But it was kind of like that story about Raggedy Andy where he has a birthday party everyday for a week. Too much! I've been trying to kind of process it blog-wise, but haven't had luck, so I thought I'd just go for it and see what I find out.

The family in the book is large and loud. They are constantly eating, watching TV, drinking, laughing too loud...hmm, it's hard to describe.

Premise: Big family in rural England, live on a farm, older daughter looking for romance. Tax guy comes to get them to declare their income. The parents set him up with their daughter and trick him into staying on the farm for awhile to "get well" because he is stressed. He forgets about the income issue. There is strawberry picking, horse races and a huge party with free flowing champagne.

The weird thing is that this tax guy goes to get them to declare their income, they claim they have their farm and don't make any money. They even spend a few weeks strawberry picking and say they have to for money. But really, they have tons of cash all over the place and only do the picking because they get to eat as many strawberries as they want and enjoy the work. They have a new mattress, a new washing machine, new pots and pans and a new car. So this kind of polluted the whole live-off-the-land contentment thing. And it's never addressed how they get this money.

Plus, the matriarch and patriarch of the family seems to love each other so much, very romantic with each other, but the guy goes and smooches this neighbor lady cause she's so uptight. And the wife thinks that's just fine. What?!

All in all, it was bizarre. It was funny and I loved all the nature and food and "feel good" vibe. But then it would just rub me the wrong way and make me think I was on the track toward hedonism if I thought I liked to lay around in a meadow and eat cake daily. I mean, look at these people!

So, if you see it at a thrift store or used book store and think, what a charming little cover, I bet this is like Little Women. It's not. Just so you know.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chihuly at the de Young

We saw Dale Chihuly's glass at the de Young on Friday night. We went with our friends M, A and little Viv. It was one of those exhibits that makes you excited to go in the next room and the next room...lots and lots of smiling. I loved it.

One of the best moments was when Viv looked at this huge hanging thing and said "Spaghetti."

The girls both loved the chandelier room, Lily also liked this one.

A charmed evening of dark rooms full of bright glass. Funny the two things that inspired me were so different: First, sitting by myself in front of the museum, waiting for my family to come back from the bathroom I was watching the cypress trees and the fog roll in and the gray evening come on. Then, walking through the black rooms reflecting the colors of glass, my eyes shining from it. They kind of combined to make this perfect little memory of the evening. Outside and Inside. Nature and Art.