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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Paper White

Someone planted paper whites all around the border of our backyard. It's hard to say when, but by the looks of the blooms, which have that crinkly kind of stunted look, I'd say a long, long time ago. The first year we lived in this house, it was the nicest surprise to see dozens and dozens of those muted green spikes coming out of the ground. I assumed they were paper whites, but I wasn't totally sure. Could've been daffodils. But then they bloomed and showed me and it was so nice. Paper whites give me a headache from their too sweet/garbage smell, but I usually can't resist bringing one or two inside. This was the first one and I tromped through the wet grass in between storms a couple weeks ago to pick it. I took Lily out and told her we had to see and smell everything after the rain and we picked the paper white and I let her bring it inside. Good thing she didn't try to eat it. The johnny-jump-ups and the black pansy are from my pots in the front, which are doing well. You may never have noticed but violas do have a slight sweet smell. It's quite nice.

Below is from Keith and Erin's wedding last February. A narcissus, a tight tulip and ranunculus. Three great early spring specimens. I know it's still winter but those paper whites will fool you with their obnoxious smell...

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