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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First Anenome in our Garden!

Brought it in the kitchen a tight little closed envelope. Now it's open and strikingly lovely. Funny thing is it's twisted stem. It just twirls around and around. Hard to see in the picture, but it's a very twisty stem.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Longest Blog Ever. You don't have to read it. Honest, you don't.

It's been a long time since I blogged. I've had some thoughts that I wanted to explore but they never made it out of my head.

Possible blogs ideas that I almost wrote about in the past 3 weeks:

Blog Title: Things to eat that I don't buy anymore because they are too expensive or too fatty.

I could only think of bon bons. Who eats bon bons anymore? You pay 4 bucks for little balls of ice cream in magic shell. You imagine lounging around eating bon bons and it sounds good, but in reality you have to eat them fast or they melt and then they're gone and you're just lounging around a little more puffy than before.

Blog Title: I love the box.

I think being a part of the Fully Belly Farms CSA has truly changed my life. I love picking it up at Rosa Parks, I love unpacking it into my blue flower bag. I love rinsing the dirt off the veggies and trying out new recipes. I love using the box contents to make Lilster baby food. It's kind of like training wheels for eating seasonally/locally/organically.

Blog Title: Thank you "Around the Bay Pest Control", thank you.

We had ants for 6 months in varying degrees of awful. Some days I would literally stomp my foot and let out a little scream at the columns of ants going here and there, eating my marshmallows, my raisin bran, getting into my peanut butter. Ooooh I was mad at those ants. I kept doing battle and they kept coming back stronger. Finally I called professionals. AMAZING results. Now there are only a few stragglers...which I can kill easily.

Blog Title: Where the heck are flowering trees the rest of the year?

I've been so tickled by all the pink and white fireworks all around town. It's so nice to see the blossoms start. You think, "Pretty." Then after a few weeks of pink tinges here and there, all of a sudden kaboom! and there are these extravagant trees full of petals, dripping and dropping everywhere. It's crazy how many flowers on these trees! I love it. They're absolutely beautiful. So I was thinking, "I want one of those for my garden. I want a pink tree that is sweet smelling and soft and almost unnaturally covered with flowers." But then I thought, "Actually, probably not." Those trees are great in February. But the rest of the year they're just ordinary trees. They don't even all make fruit!
Jacaranda trees and acacia trees. Those trees I have some feelings about that I will blog about at a later date.

About to read The Interpreter of Maladies for book club. Listening to "Failsafe" and "Myriad Harbor" by the New Pornographers on repeat, the Flaming Lips and KFRC. (Did you know KFRC was back on the radio?) Just cooked a chicken, and made chocolate cherry cookies for my neighbor. Really want to decoupage this tray I have with pictures of flowers. Just watched Season 1 and 2 of WEEDS. I liked it.

Aside regarding The New Pornographers. In "Myriad Harbor" there is a lyric: "Someone somewhere asked me "Is there anything in particular I can help you with?" All I ever wanted help with was you." I love how cheesy and grand that is. So dramatic!

This blog was like writing a note in high school. Just all the thoughts come out. I've been so nostalgic for my old best friend. We exchanged so many notes like that.

I also laughed at Friends tonight like it was the first time I've ever seen it, although I watch it every night from 6:30-7:30, usually while I am putting Lily to bed. (You can see and hear the TV from the rocking chair in her room, it's great!) Maybe out of all the things I've shared in this post this is the one thing that people will shake their heads and say "She watches TV while she puts her baby to bed?! TV?!" But come on guys, she's just eating with her eyes closed for a long time. It's not like I'm skipping parts in Goodnight Moon for Joey, Phoebe and the rest of the gang. Who's your favorite friend? We all know Sissy's is Rachel. Anybody else?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Alexis is the new Martha

I still love Martha. Dearly. But I have to say I've become quite taken with Alexis Stewart lately. Martha's daughter has a radio show on Sirius radio, so I've never heard it. But I have been reading Alexis' blog and it is great. Why I like Alexis: she does all the things Martha used to do for herself, for herself. I love to see the cooling racks full of cookies she baked. I love to see the walls of windows she washed. I made the "Winter Squash Soup" from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone because Alexis made it and said it was really good. (It was really good.)

Reading Alexis' blog reminds me of watching Martha on TV in the early days. The early days meaning 1997. I remember the first time I saw Martha. A sick day home on the couch and Martha was there, doing something at her house; doesn't matter what it was, she was doing something at her house. I loved it, it was so inspiring. There was Martha dividing plants in her garden, showing how to hang garlands around her front door. Making a birthday cake, sewing a napkin. What I loved about it was that it was an ideal, but it looked so real. I loved that she could do all those things and seemed to actually do them. Instead of feeling like I could never do that so I will never try any of those things, I felt like "I could do that, maybe some day I'll do some of those things."

Now Martha is in a swanky studio in New York. Nothing looks very real or practical. Martha is too important and busy to clean her own house or bake her own cookies.

But Alexis is doing it! Another fun thing about Alexis is that Martha Stewart is her mother, so she has this perfectly unique perspective of poking fun at "Martha Stewart". It's hilarious.

Alexis' Blog