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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Alexis is the new Martha

I still love Martha. Dearly. But I have to say I've become quite taken with Alexis Stewart lately. Martha's daughter has a radio show on Sirius radio, so I've never heard it. But I have been reading Alexis' blog and it is great. Why I like Alexis: she does all the things Martha used to do for herself, for herself. I love to see the cooling racks full of cookies she baked. I love to see the walls of windows she washed. I made the "Winter Squash Soup" from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone because Alexis made it and said it was really good. (It was really good.)

Reading Alexis' blog reminds me of watching Martha on TV in the early days. The early days meaning 1997. I remember the first time I saw Martha. A sick day home on the couch and Martha was there, doing something at her house; doesn't matter what it was, she was doing something at her house. I loved it, it was so inspiring. There was Martha dividing plants in her garden, showing how to hang garlands around her front door. Making a birthday cake, sewing a napkin. What I loved about it was that it was an ideal, but it looked so real. I loved that she could do all those things and seemed to actually do them. Instead of feeling like I could never do that so I will never try any of those things, I felt like "I could do that, maybe some day I'll do some of those things."

Now Martha is in a swanky studio in New York. Nothing looks very real or practical. Martha is too important and busy to clean her own house or bake her own cookies.

But Alexis is doing it! Another fun thing about Alexis is that Martha Stewart is her mother, so she has this perfectly unique perspective of poking fun at "Martha Stewart". It's hilarious.

Alexis' Blog

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