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Friday, March 14, 2008

Bouquets to Art 2008

Not SO great this year. Better last year. Being a member of the de Young has been great, we got to go to a member's only evening on Wednesday and then I got to go on Friday for a bit to snap some pictures and so Lily could see too.
Wednesday night's experience was kinda lame. Lots of rich hoity toity ladies pushing me around.
The funny thing I noticed on both occasions is that the docents let people get a little too casual around the real art when "Bouquets to Art" is around. They don't tell you to step away, they don't even tell you to be careful. I'd be in a panic if I were a docent and a crush of people descended on pedestal of tulips a couple feet away from a piece of priceless art. There could easily be an accident! On Friday, the closest the docent got to keeping order was apologetically mentioning to a lady, "Oops. Be careful," as she almost knocked this picture off the wall. "Oops!?"

Hey, I'm a flower lady and all, but I do know the intrinsic value difference between oasis poked full of carnations and a 100 year old painting.

You can't tell in the picture, but this was a spot on representation of the snowy picture behind. I actually blinked a couple times to make sure my eyes just weren't a little fuzzy. Soft, fuzzy flowers, perfect.
This was a fun little scene. I liked the use of fiddle heads overall this year, and in this arrangement they were poked in among the maidenhair ferns like the candy cane forest in Candy Land.
This is one of my favorite spots at the museum. Flowers or no. A big open light colored room with this mural of the land on one side, and the sea on the other side. Very appealing to my Steinbeck loving self. The arrangements on the table were interesting. Skeleton leaves, purple artichokes, more fiddle heads, (kinda kooky stuff) all anchored by lots of brown cymbidium orchids, green hyrdangea and creamy roses.

This room looks out directly to the new Academy of Sciences! It's beautiful. Doors open September 27! Can't wait!

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