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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Holy Week

I went to a Maundy Thursday service for the first time this year. I liked how we had our pant legs rolled up like we were going wading at the beach, I liked the trickles and small splashes of the water in the bowl and on our feet. I liked how I washed my feet before I went because they were dusty from wearing crocs, and I thought they were clean, but they felt cleaner and softer after someone else washed them. I liked to hear Dana crunching the leftovers of communion. I liked feeling a part of what happened to Jesus. I felt near to him, I felt like I was there that night, eating the meal, washing the feet.

On Good Friday I was so close to getting the giggles before the service started. So many things were striking me funny. Loretta was talking about this turtle getting lost in the neighborhood, I was trying to remember when I was supposed to light her was like that Mary Tyler Moore episode when she laughs at Chuckles the Clown's funeral. Totally inappropriate, but I got it together though. Good thing!

On Easter the morning wasn't warm, but it had that feeling like it sure was going to be. Lily wore a sweater but I just had short sleeves. I loved all the flowers in the kids hands, careful, careful and how they fill up the cross every time just right. Nobody plans it, they just look beautiful there all together.

That night, laughter and food and being outside in the evening. I remembered a poem I wrote a long time ago called "Midnight Supper" and it reminded me of it, sitting at that long table with so many dear friends and family.

Only mistake was watching Gone, Baby, Gone that night. Yikes, so disturbing. Not a good move, stupid!

Grass and sweets and baskets of goodies, songs and dancing and laughing. Good.

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D said...

My co-worker calls those the "funeral giggles." I'll have to ask her if it's at all related to Chuckles.