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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

X Files

I had X Files trading cards for a time. I think my sister helped me organize them in a binder. (Wait, did I do that on my own? I don't really think I could have, but I know that I had a binder...Erin, do you remember this?)

I liked watching X Files on Friday nights, then Sunday nights. It was a fun weekly thing. For awhile folks would come to the big red house to watch...right up till the last episode.

I think I liked the trading cards because some were holograms and I love anything that has a hologram.

I was just thinking I'd like to get X Files on the queue so that I could watch it all from start to finish. The funny thing is, I don't like scary shows. I cannot stand Law and Order or any kind of crime drama and I don't like sci fi at all really. But it seems like The Wire is the exception to the crime drama rule and X Files is the exception to the sci fi rule.

Now, I see there's going to be a new X Files movie. Sounds fun to me. I like Mulder and Scully and will be glad to see them together again, I wonder if Scully's alien baby will make an appearance.


Kim said...

I'm a big X Files fan and remember rushing back from church to watch it with Dana L. John and I have been getting them from Netflix and we're in season 3. I'm not a sci-fi or scary stuff person either but I love Mulder & Scully!

Doug said...

I saw Mulder swimming in a pool on Pepperdine campus. I really did! You gotta believe me!

jillyg said...

wait a second, isn't that my story???

cristyroses said...

a new x-files movie! woo hoo!!!