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Friday, May 09, 2008

"There was a time we lived in truth, let's bring it back."

"There was a time we lived in truth, let's bring it back." I love this Mates of State line. In the song it's inspiring. It's one of those re-discovered/re-appreciated lyrics, some of which I wrote about last summer here.

Do we all have a "time we lived in truth"? I interpret this as a time when you were closest to exactly how you want to live. A time when you were undeniably you and weren't trying to be or do anything else.

I've talked with friends lately about busyness, about doing too much, about the value of peace and quiet, and it's actually shocking to me that I would even worry about such things. I remember the Summer of Freedom-no work, no school, 21. I moved at a pace so much slower than the one set by the rhythms of work and school. I loved the waking and sleeping, the outdoors at all hours, the chumminess with time. Now time is chopped into pieces too small and it doesn't feel like my friend. I feel like I have to win it at its own game. Who is that?! That's not me!

So in my own way I'm trying to "bring it back". By going slower and not taking on, taking on. I remember the Summer of Freedom I was completely broke. NO money at all really. Enough to buy a pack of hot dogs and flower seeds. That's kind of how it is now too! Except it's more like enough to buy a pack of diapers...and flower seeds. The best times in my life have been the stripped down, simple times. You make what you can, you buy what you need. Your world is smaller: it's your backyard, it's your neighborhood, it's where you can walk and where you pack a lunch, it's doing nothing on purpose and listening to music. There is always enough, and the growing things and the views and the weather fill in the "empty" spaces perfectly.


julia said...

Hmmm. Something to think about. It's so easy to become queens/kings of busyness. And i certainly go in phases, being busy so i don't need to think, being busy because that's how it is when you have little ones or are in school or whatever... But "living in truth" as being undeniably myself? That's been a life-long pursuit, something and someone i want to be, my true self no matter the circumstance: healthy or not, financially stable or off balance ;-) Hard to "shoosh" the busyness and listen to my inner voice and that of my Creator's trying to guide me to that place of being truly me.

Good thoughts, jillyg--curious to hear how your plan to go slower and stop taking on goes. Great time of your life to learn that. Do keep us posted!

Doug said...

Laying in that hammock outside in mom's backyard drinking ICB root beer and reading East of Eden!