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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fourth of July

I made Ina Garten's flag cake for our Fourth of July. It was tasty and easy. I think I'll make the same cake for Lillian's birthday, but maybe with different frosting.

Yesterday we watched The Business of Being Born. It was great. Very interesting, very hip looking and sounding. It sure won me over. I think it was the information I learned by watching it, but it also could have been the cool NYC vibe and the amazing midwife that was featured. She seemed so cool, I wanted to either BE her or have her deliver my baby at home.

What looked most attractive to me was when she would go to an appointment with a mom and she would take her blood pressure while she was lounging around in her own bed. That would have solved a lot of my problems I think.

The problem now is, if you don't have a few thousand dollars lying around and you have Kaiser, you don't really have the option do you?


Kim said...

But if you have a friend who is passionate about making homebirth a reality for more people and who might be willing to give you a loan at a really good rate, maybe you too could have your blood pressure checked in the comfort of your own home. Let's talk!

Kim said...

PS. Love the cake!

jillyg said...

or i could shake down ricki lake for the cash!

Dana Lundblad said...

I thought the frosting was great. Had a little bit of tang to it... Very nice. D, very kindly, brought a piece home for me. I managed to get a bite out of it, before the HSG girls consumed it!

julia said...

Great job on the cake! Nicely done. i used to love decorating cakes. And you'd be a way cool midwife, doncha think?