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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to School

Not only are all the naked ladies out, a classic sign of school beginning, but the streets are covered with brown leaves. We all know these are not actually signs of autumn. These are signs of Indian Summer. Today will be blisteringly hot and there is no bite to the morning or evening air. But, it's that lovely dusty air transitional time that I love so well and have written about every late August since starting this blog. So this year, I'm watering the yard--a little sheepishly because I know we're very close to our suggested maximum "units", but I'm watering anyhow because I don't mind when leaves or even summer flowers turn brown and crackly this time of year, but I kind of hate a crackly lawn.

This time of year also always reminds me of the album Very Emergency by The Promise Ring. I listened to it a lot when Peter and I were first dating and it was also this time of year. This lyric is from the title track.

"And soon the room can't tell you were here,
and there's dust in my hair
and dusty air has gone crazy for something late in the year,
and water everywhere."

It looks an awkward rhyme written, but to hear it to music it is perfect.


pETE said...

Back to school.
Back to school.
To prove to Dad I'm not a fool.

--Billy Elliot

pETE said...

--Billy Holiday

pETE said...

--Billy Madison

jillyg said...

do i have to choose who it is?

jillyg said...

oh, duh. billy madison.