Here and There

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Land

I came across this painting months ago while doing an image search for something I can't remember now. But I saw this and immediately saved it because I thought it was so good. I don't know who the artist is or what the painting is called, but it's nice.

On Sunday I was walking around in the courtyard of the senior center during church with Lily. There was no one else there, we were just walking quietly together and she was trying out some new stuff- stepping into the sandy horseshoe pit, stepping out of it. Stepping on a piece of wood, stepping on it again and then one more time just to make sure. Patting the apple tree, smelling the flowers, you know, stuff you gotta do. A dove was eating under the apple tree. It made a small sound and we both turned to see it. Just then it flew up over us and away and we both watched it go up. It was nice to notice that together. When doves are eating on the ground in the evening it's a pleasant sort of feeling. You know they feel safe and calm and it makes you feel the same sort of peacefulness. Especially in these transitional evenings which seem so much more golden than usual.

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