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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I saw this movie almost a year ago and it still comes into my mind often. At the recommendation of Chrissy we put this in our queue, Lily was new and we were tearing through the netflix as fast as possible. No mail pick up on Sunday really sets you back in your dance with netflix.

We got it and we watched it one evening while I folded all the tiny laundry. I was completely enchanted by it. It was actually pretty emotional to see his 16 mm footage of Glen Canyon before it was covered in water by a dam. It was one of the most stirring, beautiful films I've seen. You should watch it.

David Brower, Pete Seeger and Jayber Crow have been the 3 men all connected in my mind lately. I'm not usually one to pat some man on the back for achievement...I mean, things are sort of set up in such a way that they will in some way achieve, but I have a lot of admiration for these 3 because they went against the tide as best they could. (Yeah, yeah, I know one is fictional, but Jayber's creator Wendell Berry is pretty aligned with Brower and Seeger.)

Maybe Woody Guthrie fits in this group as well, actually.

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