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Monday, September 15, 2008

Things Change

It's hard to adjust to one nap instead of two. Even though she wanted it that way, some days we see more of this face than her impish smile.

In this turning of the season I feel like I'm watching change all around me. The summer vegetable garden looks all strung out, brown at the bottom, a little bitter (the greens) and a little rotten (the zucchini). The tomatoes are coming in steadily, but that's about it. All the sunflowers have been dead and gone for awhile now. I got some pansies and johnny-jump-ups to plant, but haven't had time. Lily is a little girl now, and hardly a baby. This season has also found me counting points, somehow finally able to commit to Weight Watchers. It's nice to have the mind/heart space to care for myself in this way. It all kind of hinged on having a baby...first you gain all this weight, then after the baby is born you give all your attention to it. It's hard to even imagine how many points are in a Bake Sale Betty's scone when you are gazing at your infant in wonder/worry. But now, I am putting in the time and energy (and it really does take time and energy) and it feels good.

I've been thinking about how so often the things that delight or intrigue you naturally resemble each other...or are intertwined in some way. We saw a great documentary about Pete Seeger on KQED called "The Power of Song". It was really interesting and kind of dovetailed with what I was reading in Jayber Crow about war/community/action. Maybe this is meant for a whole other post. I will continue to ruminate and report back.

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D said...

Change aside - great pictures of Lily. That pouty face, that streaming tear. It draws you to empathize... And then I imagine you behind the camera that captured the moment and I chuckle a bit. :-)