Here and There

Friday, September 19, 2008

Will Power

The Frangipane tart was good. It was special. But what got made with the leftovers was better...

The extra tart dough made an adorable little 6 inch tart. I will say that this dough is BY FAR the easiest dough I've ever worked with and it is flaky in a way I thought only puff pastry could be. I wouldn't use it for a pie, but for a tart it is perfect.

The leftover pastry cream went into the baked tart shell and sliced ripe mango went on top. Best 3 bites I've had in weeks!

This is now what is sitting in my refrigerator...waiting. For Peter to get home and eat it!


Bora said...

did the tart taste "Tartine" special?

pETE said...

yes. it did.

jillyg said...

i think it did too. next tartine recipe to try is the quiche. i love that quiche.