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Friday, October 24, 2008

New art

We went to see Keith's work last weekend at an open studio event. There is a lone cloud picture that I love very much that he had up. It was nice to see that again. Another nice thing that happened is that I came across an artist that I really enjoy. Eve Shen. I really loved what I saw of hers and I have been gazing at her postcard this week, enjoying it so much!

I am feeling kind of down today. Lily has tried my patience with all her tearing this and that apart and hugs that turn into pinches. I would love to go to the forest and be under the trees, or go to the ocean and listen, or to go to the Lavender Inn and drink wine. Just peaceful and quiet. As in the subject of this post I have seen new art, but I need new art! New fodder for to ponder, gaze and inspire. It's definitely not in my backyard or my kitchen today, it feels farther afield and I want to tramp out and find it!

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julia said...

Hoping your mood is up since Friday--i do remember those days! But i've heard what a lovely mom you are, so i know you're making a positive impact even on those down days.