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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Riding Bikes

When we moved to our house a few years ago, we were living in kind of a weird surreal campsite. Working hard to make our house live-able/comfortable, struggling to make ends meet, all that stuff. We sold one of our cars and were excited about living more simply. We saw online that Walmart had cruiser bikes for $79 or something else crazy like that so we went and bought two. A blue one for me and a black one for Peter. It felt wrong to buy these bikes from Walmart, but our grander purpose of biking v driving made it okay to purchase from this evil company. (Maybe I'm still working that out. We were poor, okay?)

So there we were: two kids with bikes. We did not "bike ride" we "rode bikes". The way kids get together and ride bikes. Not for exercise, not for necessary transportation even. We would ride down to 4th St to get Peets. We would ride our bikes to Costco to get a hot dog. Believe me, not a lot of people are riding their bikes to Costco. Our baskets didn't have room for 36 rolls of TP. We rode to Golden Gate Fields and saw amazing sunsets and rode back down the hill at lightning speeds. Better than a roller coaster! We rode across the people bridge and rode down the frontage road. To Emeryville, to Cesar Chavez Park. We cruised our way to church. Our house is very proximal to a lot of great rides.

The thing about riding bikes with your husband is that it is romantic. You are moving along together at the same speed, sometimes you race but that's not what I'm talking about here--you're moving along side by side and you look at each other and it's like everything else is blurring but the other person. I love that. It's like a real life version of that feeling. I think it happens only with a cruiser bike, when you're not interested in going that fast and you're happy about each other and where you're cruising to.

My bike is rusty now. And he has a better bike now, though still a cruiser. But I miss riding bikes together. I don't want to get a bike with gears and pull a trailer for my kid. I don't want to wear a helmet or even really be on the street too much. I just want to ride bikes for fun sometime. Wearing flip flops and laughing and singing the song "Come and see my farm for it is beautiful!" while I ride.

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