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Sunday, March 08, 2009

New Little Gidding

Sometimes you are surprised by life. We're having another kid. Pregnancy puts me over in the contemplative camp I guess, so I've been looking around, staring at the curtains, listening to music, driving, all the while, thinking.

Feeling nauseated about 22 to 23 hours a day, watching Northern Exposure (thumbs up!) , reading Prodigal Summer (thumbs down.) and eating are activities I do best at this time, all the while, thinking.

Most books that feature a pregnant person attempt to describe this kind of absent, dreamy confusion that kind of takes hold during this time. It's hard to nail down exactly what it is. It's weird. I'm thoughtful, but not focused. I know it won't last, so I'm just contemplating it while I'm in it.


cristyroses said...


Leiflet said...

Wo-hoa! Oh my gosh you guys. That makes me smile! Congrats-- i'm totally grinning right now.

I picture the Gidlund family piling into a station wagon to go on a road trip. Can you buy a wood-paneled green station wagon just to help aid this mental picture i have? :)

marguerite said...

enjoy your contemplating (but i'm sorry about the nausea!) -- we'll miss you on the india trip

Bora said...

Congrats to you, Pete and Lil' Lily!!

you definitely sound pregnant. either that, or you're stoned. How do you feel about "brownies?"

I agree with your assessment about Northern Exposure and Prodigal Summer. Barbara, stop preaching at me!