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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cicely, Alaska

This is a picture of Joel when he got hit with a tomato. It is tradition to throw tomatoes at white people on Thanksgiving. Joel considers himself a person of color so is offended by getting hit. What?! See, aren't you dying to know more!

We've been watching Northern Exposure on DVD for the past few months. I remember watching this show in syndication very late at night during the summer when I was a teenager. I remember hearing the opening music in the evening when it was on and my parents watched it sometimes. But I had no memory of how good it was. This show is virtually flawless. Similar to Winnie-the-Pooh characters I think that everyone can identify with one of the ensemble. I think Gid is a Chris/Holling combo. I myself identify with Ruth Ann. I wish I knew more Shelly Tambo types.
Anyway, not only is the show funny and silly and beautiful, it is filled with these surprising insights about community, religion, art, and human nature. I wish we had a "Chris in the Morning" to read us The Call of the Wild and Thanksgiving dinners shared by our whole community (CWOW thanksgiving would be so great!) but we don't. So I am completely charmed by this tv show and tickled by it.
I'm sure I will be sad when it ends, hopefully I won't cry like when we finished watching X Files. (I was so sad about William for months!!) Watching TV on DVD is a funny thing- it's hours and hours that would be spent naturally over the course of years- 6 years in the case of Northern Exposure, NINE in the case of X Files, condensed into a few months of nightly immersion. It is amazingly comforting and addicting.


Bora said...

I love NE though I haven't seen it for months. And I agree that Gid is a bit like Chris. Come to think of it, isn't Gid also a bit like the character John Corbett plays in Sex in the City? Aiden the furniture maker? Gid the gourdener?

pdana said...

Instead of CWOW Thanksgiving, let's have CWOW tomato throwing.