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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Neko Case!

Isn't she pretty?

First artist recognition shown by Lily. I've been listening to Neko Case's new album Middle Cyclone constantly. I thought for sure Mates of State would be the first band I'd hear her say the name of when I play music, but I guess Neko has had more airplay at the time of developmental readiness.

I love this album. It is beautiful lyrically and musically. I'm no music reviewer, I'll leave that to Gid. But I am so enjoying "Magpie in the Morning" and "Don't Forget Me" (There's a piano ORCHESTRA in that one people!) Also loving the line: "Never turn your back on Mother Earth."


Bora said...
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Bora said...

iTunes likens her album to "a comforting scent from junior high." Uh, I know that is supposed to be a compliment, but I have never associated "comforting scent" with middle school. But your high praise outweighed even this crazy statement. I had a gift card for iTunes, was in a music buying mood, so I bought it.

D said...

Maybe it was redhead telepathy?

Leiflet said...

Hear, hear. Lily has good taste already.