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Monday, June 22, 2009


I don't know what to name our baby on the way. I am stumped. We have been thinking "June" but I just don't know if it's right.
I'm trying to figure that out. And read War and Peace, work, welcome summer, etc.
I don't think there's anything nerdy about Les Miserables, it's only one of the best musicals EVER. So I borrowed the soundtrack and am enjoying it this morning.

This is John Hancock's gravesite. I took this picture on my trip to Boston with T at the end of May to see dear M. Notice the bird, very Keith Gidlund of me.

First backyard strawberry picked on June 1. Haven't had another one since. Hmm.

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Leiflet said...

We didn't have Soren's name until he was 3 days hatched! You'll do good.